Dedalus clothing

Clothing in the Dedalus collection is all hand painted, fine tailored and 100% Italian in design and production. This line is distinguished by its natural

Dedalus tapestry collection

Dedalusart is a project that brings together various objects from clothing to ceramics. In Mauro’s tapestries we see the same themes and pictorial tropes in

Noh clothing

The Noh Collection is born of the collaboration between Mauro Carac and designer Fabio Truffa who work together on the design and painting of each

Dedalus shawls and scarves

Dedalus shawls have many uses. Worn as scarves, or capes or as covering for the shoulders, they may also be used as table runners, tapestries,

Dedalus lamps

The shapes of our lamps, whether for the wall, table, or ceiling, are simple (squares, circles, spheres) and often times large in size. Made with

Dedalus pottery

Ethereal but strong, tangible and intangible, fragile but powerful, magnetic and impressive, immersed in time yet outside time: these are the elements that inspire Dedalus