What is?

100% Italian, Dedalus focuses on the art of painting on fabric.
The Dedalus brand brings together clothing, kimonos, tapestries, runners, scarves, capes, lamps, and jewelry under one artistic vision.

In the beginning

Every new artistic project comes from an empty space waiting to be filled with curiosity and an unconscious desire to reinterpret the past.

An artist must not be limited by his past. He must be open to new experiences.

The Dedalus progress emerged at a critical moment of artistic expression, between past and future, established and innovative methods. Thirty years of artistic experimentation alone could not produce new artistic ideas.

It’s a languid afternoon in Rome.
A beautiful and delicate book about kimonos beckons in the corner of a Roman bookstore. From its pages emerges a new passion, a pure obsession, an inspiration.

The Dedalus project is born.


Beauty, quality, and artistry are the principal elements of the Dedalus collection.

We use natural materials—linen, cotton, silk—because only these fabrics are fitting for carefully hand-finished creations such as ours.

Whenever possible we reinterpret designs on antique fabrics that reveal the importance of the past.

For our creations, we select natural materials including paints derived from plants and molds, in wood or ceramics.

Of utmost importance is the production–of clothing or tapestries—which is completed with expert tailoring under scrupulous supervision.


Dedalus style is timeless. Dedalus does not aspire to be fashionable, but rather to transcend time.

Our provisional nature and uncertain destiny may be transformed into art with elements of beauty and creativity.

This “unstable balance” is the trademark of Dedalus style.

You may find this “unstable balance” in the folds of our clothing or tapestries where you may see penetrating eyes, mysterious flowers, seasons that change, evolving landscapes, sudden spots of color, things that are dreamed or imagined.

We must never give up on the idea of a personal relationship with beauty.


A project, like a journey, is enhanced by goals, emotions, and stimuli.

The Dedalus project is committed to high quality work, passion and artistic coherence.

An embodiment of Italian artistry, the Dedalus process insists upon creative inspiration and technical excellence.

Dexterity, identity, dreams and creativity: this is the language and the pledge of the Dedalus project.